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"Summit Ave is the bike commuters and bike riders best option.  The current set up is what is the best set up for riders of all ages and commuters. I ride Summit daily and have for 40 years as a resident of St Paul and as a business owner in St Paul.

Summit is a glorious street to ride for the serenity, the beautiful homes and the lovely tree lined median. Summit despite its bad surface, big bike lanes are safe and efficient, and we don't have problems with cross traffic and intersections. I see joggers/runners and dog walkers walking the median enjoying the green places, trees and the soil! We have a great place for all! A mixed paved path will ruin a pleasured running and walking surface and have a bad impact on our treasured street.

Please leave Summit alone."

Dan Casebeer
Owner of Grand Performance Bike Shop
"There is no need for an expensive new trail that studies have proven is more dangerous than the existing bike lanes, and which will destroy hundreds of mature trees as well as the historic character of Summit Avenue"
Robert Cattanach
"PLEASE LISTEN and DO NOT DESTROY THOSE BEAUTIFUL TREES!!! I know we live in crazy times, but I can't believe someone is actually considering this horrific act. You cannot justify creating a bike path at the expense (destruction) of natural beauty. We live in MN for a reason and's not the weather!! Please do not do this."
Joan Gonzalez
"I’ve biked on Summit Ave. with my husband many times. It’s beautiful, and actually iconic in the city of St. Paul. There’s plenty of room to bike the way it is currently configured. I would hate to see trees taken down, and newly replaced curbs torn up. I’m against widening the bicycle lane. I am in favor of repaving Summit in certain areas, to smooth out the surface. If any money is spent on Summit Ave, that’s where I would like to see it spent, NOT making cycling lanes wider."
Jeanne McCann
"I treasure Summit Avenue as it is. I don’t want to see it loses its character. I shared the possible city plan with my 21 year old son. He said he treasures Summit Avenue as it is. He attends the University of St. Thomas. He says Summit’s trees and boulevard makes him want to attend St. Thomas because of its greenery that distinguishes it from the University of Minnesota with so many buildings and lots of cement. I grew up in St. Paul when I show people from out of town my city. I drive them or we walk up and down Summit Avenue. They marvel at its beauty which relates to its large boulevard trees in all seasons and its distinct roadways that set it apart from the suburbs. No changes need to be made. No extra bikeways or road improvements are necessary and would detract from its beauty."
Katie Flahavan
"Why would you not want to preserve such a historical street and beautiful trees?? There are plenty of other streets that can/could be utilized by bicyclists! If this is changed, it will never be the same. Shame on YOU, whoever started this!!@"
"Leave the trees, curbs, and bike lane alone on Summit Ave. It was just redone, and does not need it again. There is already a bike lane"
Krista Windisch
"There are plenty of bikeways in a city that has winter-like weather for half the year. Also, at a time when we should be much more aware of the damage we are doing to the climate is not the time to cut down trees. In other words, get your head or of your bike- loving ass!"
Geraldine Gulbranson
"Summit avenue is already bike friendly. Plus we can bike by the river . The median on summit is extremely pleasant for running and walking . As a biker 🚴‍♂️, I am very happy with the way it is and the city plan is a little too much, and destroy trees and charm. I wish it remains the same."
Mario Potvin
"We love Summit Avenue exactly as it is! As a biker who bikes with little kids, we feel we have ample space to bike. We also love seeing people relaxing and being active amongst the trees on the boulevard. Summit Avenue is a highlight of what makes St. Paul special and beautiful."
Rebecca Clifford
"Dear City of St. Paul, In your efforts to bequeath St.Paul with yet more dedicated bike lanes, please do not destroy the remarkable historic jewel we have in Summit Avenue. As a biker myself, I love biking on Summit Avenue JUST AS IT IS. If some MINOR changes can improve safety, without massive investment in curbs and definitely NO EFFECT ON TREES, I would support it, but I do not support wasting money and destroying the precious green space we have on Summit. If you need to add dedicated bike lanes, please look at Marshall Ave (or Selby or St. Clair or Jefferson.) thank you for taking only responsible and prudent action to develop our city for the best of all, now and into the future."
Karin Roof
"If a bike lane is absolutely required then look at alternate adjacent streets. NOTE: Take a look at what the bike lanes did for business in the North Park area of San Diego. The installation of the bike lane removed a significant portion of the parking. Due to no parking available, customers are no longer coming to the area as they are frustrated. So as a result many businesses are closing. These streets are not engineered or built to hold all levels of transportation. Before you install any bike trails, please understand the impact to the area."
Karen Anderson
"Please leave Summit Avenue as it is. The middle boulevard creates such an elegant and gracious avenue for all to enjoy the beautiful stately homes lining the avenue. The current bike lanes are completely sufficient for the area, providing just the right amount of bike traffic for the neighborhood. To remove all the green grass and wonderfully gorgeous trees would be simply be the worst case scenario. Please work to save the beauty and calm of Summit Avenue for the future generations. We’ve lost so much already. There’s so little remaining of our wonderful history."
Meggan Johnson
"Please don’t tear down a pivotal piece of fabric that holds the St. Paul character together."
Andrew Alvarado
"Start listening to your residents. The mayor and city council won’t be happy till we look like Uptown Minneapolis which has become unrecognizable and so dense you can no longer maneuver!!"
Dan Tesch
"For the love of God, please leave exquisite Summit Avenue as it is! Summit Avenue is extremely historical and beautiful!"
Christin Bland
"Lincoln Ave native 🎄 Summit Ave and islands are a historic promenade that should be protected not paved over - why try to “fix” something that isn’t broken ? Save Summit Ave!"
Beth Mingo Waterloo
"How could you destroy beautiful Summit Avenue!!! Ther are plenty of parks in this beautiful city that you can ride your bikes! ENOUGH!!!!"
Molly McGraw
"NO! Changing Summit Avenue to accommodate more bikes is RIDiCULOUS!!! Are the people driving this bus even bike riders??????? QUIT WASTING MONEY, OTHER RESOURCES and TREES!!!!! You are shameful people! Shameful!!"
Penny ainsworth
"I am a Minneapolis resident and I am concerned about the removal of trees with this project."
Helene Huver
"We drive on Summit Ave with every visit to St. Paul to enjoy the serenity of the trees along the street by the historic homes. Save the trees! Don't make the street look like North Dakota."
Larry Wutzke
"As frequent visitors to St.Paul we enjoy driving on Summit Ave with the stately homes and beautiful trees. This is the best residential street in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area with its history. There are alternative plans that make the street usable for cars, bikes and homeowners and save the trees."
Shirley Wutzke
"Thank you for the work you are doing. Summit is an unusually beautiful Avenue. If it ain’t broke why fix it. The bicycle paths are unused by bikers. I use them as a pedestrian in the winter’s ice and snow. Why waste money on this insane project when there are important and serious issues we face in this city."
Gail Shea
"I have lived in Minneapolis for 20 years, and the addition of bike lanes there has become overbearing. It has made it more of a hassle to get around, to find residential and business parking, and reduced available lanes for vehicles to use at a time when more and more residential units are being built. The addition of white and yellow posts with reflective tape has also made the streets unsightly. This proposal would chop down a major portion of what makes historic St Paul so beautiful. I am so disgusted with this proposal!!! It seems like a vast waste of money to me with the end result being an overall net-loss for everyone, except the 2% of the people living in the Twin Cities that use a bike. I strongly oppose this idea."
Jason Lee
"The historical character of St. Paul is undoubtedly the best feature of your beautiful city and Summit is without question the crown jewel. I absolutely love to visit and walk to restaurants and shops under the beautiful trees. My family and I often make plans to meet up with other friends in St. Paul specifically for this atmosphere. We applaud those that have worked diligently to preserve it, and appreciate the significant extra expense your residents have spent over the years in order to maintain this lovely historic neighborhood. The proposal to remove trees and narrow sidewalks to make way for a bike path would completely alter the landscape and significantly damage the historical integrity of this neighborhood we love. Granted, serious bikers do need safe places to ride, but surely it does not need to destroy such a lovely place to walk not to mention decades of hard fought preservation of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the upper mid-west. I beg of you to oppose this proposal."
DeAnn Bjornson
"I moved from historic city ( that destroyed by concrete) to green Saint Paul, Please don't cut trees and we don' need more concrete. Save Our Street and Save Summit Ave."
Adnan Mam Seni
"One of the most beautiful things about the city of Saint Paul is it trees and nature. We must preserve every piece of nature we can to leave the next generation a better neighborhood, city and world."
David Lozinski
"Instead of spending millions creating a bike path that won't be maintained, neighbors want the city to follow recommendations of experts to shrink the drive lanes of the existing street to create a bigger buffer for bikers. Shrinking drive lanes would also slow/calm traffic speeds--helpful for everyone, and saving millions in needless federal, state and city spending... Preserve the park-like feel of this historic street!!"
Marlee Schlief
"I am opposed to the plan being presented by the City, Many thanks to the SOS Committee for doing solid research to expose the flaws of the City's plan."
Robert Muschewske
"The city can not keep up with plowing streets. How can they add plowing bike paths. From what I’ve seen of the new proposal everyone looses. Avid bikers will not like it, residents and walkers will hate it. Taxes will go up to support something most don’t want."
Jim Kennelly
"I am a concerned resident of Ramsey Hill and I’ve seen the number of ash trees marked for removal in our neighborhood and it’s shocking. Between Mackubin and Western on Portland and Holly, I counted over 25 of them. This is concerning for several reasons: 1. Change in neighborhood microclimate and energy usage: Scientific studies suggest boulevard trees can reduce residential energy consumption by 10-15% through shade and transpiration, so removing them would likely increase energy consumption (to cool homes) by 9-13%. This is significant 2. Loss of historical character of the neighborhood: These mature ash trees have lined the boulevards for over a century and confer a unique historical character and charm that visitors and residents of St. Paul value. This character will be lost when the trees are removed 3. Inadequate preparation to replace trees: While the City has known that the emerald ash bore is a problem for almost 10 years, no replacement trees were planted so they could begin growing before the ash trees come down. We will be left with a neighborhood that looks blighted, is significantly hotter, and more expensive to live in (due to increased energy usage to cool homes)"
Mackenzie Cramblit
"The proposed new bike lane will not only be less safe than our present bike lane but more importantly a needless waste of hundreds of trees on historic Summit Avenue. It will be even more of a boondoggle than the Ayd Mill bike lane that no one uses. Why does the Mayor and city council continue to show such poor judgment and fiscal irresponsibility?"
Brad Swanson
" a resident and taxpayer in St. Paul, do not decimate and dilute the power and beauty of our nationally known treasure, Summit Ave and every single tree on it. It is a profound mistake leading to a profound loss to consider altering it in any way. There are other non-destructive options to give the city another bike trail. Please consider that ....seriously. I am of the neighborhood and fully support the position of SOS. Please find a more respectful way to have a bike path as I am sure most bikers are of the same ilk, and would not like to see any destruction of Summit Ave and it's vegetation so they can have a bike path, already there without the destruction. Cutting trees and replanting is NOT an option as it is, decimation."
Karrol Butler
"I own a bicycle business, advocating for more people on bicycles. This plan is ridiculous. It’s a waste of money and resources. National resources too! There’s nothing stopping people from riding in the street. However there is a problem with drivers Ed and enforcing traffic laws. I agree with a NO."
Gene Oberpriller
"How many people actually bike here? Where are they coming from and going to? For work or pleasure? How much revenue do you make on “bikers” ? Also, how many months is it safe to bike? May - Oct? 1/2 a year. The few months biking is safe and the small number of bikers. Is not at all worth the damage to the trees and destroying the historical charm and function to all the homeowners on Summit and all the surrounding homes. How is it possible the St Paul’s Historic society ( Can dictate what homeowners can and can’t do to the homes they own- and you can come in with a plan that will devalue theses same homes - Why???? I’d like to know how much money you have already wasted on this plan before even finding out if anybody wanted it. Stop destroying Summit Avenue and the historical value of this city."
Karen Schlaefer
"I think I might have signed this petition before, but can't recall for sure, and would be devastated to learn that I hadn't. I have lived on Summit since 2004, and cannot believe that those entrusted with the care and maintenance of this legendary street would deliberately put it so clearly at risk for any reason, especially when bikers have so many choices of where to ride. I very much agree that safety is important, but it has not even been shown that separate bike lanes would enhance bikers' safety, and there are unlimited alternative routes on which they can travel! The plan seems to me to be an irresponsible, ill-considered, and pre-decided capitulation to the wishes of a relatively small group of people, most of whom are not property owners and have no interest whatsoever in maintaining the unique characteristics of the street. Rather than refusing to acknowledge the opinions of certified arborists, any responsible public servant would respect its heritage and refuse to allow the slaughter of the innocent trees of Summit Avenue."
Rosalie O'Brien
"This whole bike path thing is ridiculous. It’s nothing more than virtue signaling by the city while they ignore more pressing road issues. I say this as a bike commuter."
Martin Lacey
"Thank you for saving our trees."
Nancy Avery
"I am saying an emphatic “no” to the proposed Summit Avenue Regional Trail Master Plan. It does not belong on historic Summit Avenue, the most famous tourist destination in Saint Paul. I think the plan would provide a more dangerous alternative for human safety to the current plan, not less. The damage to the environment (our awesome historic trees) itself is reason to reject this plan. Please, City of St. Paul, do not do this."
Althea Sell
"I am against any plan that negatively affects trees period. I believe Summit Ave’s bike lanes are sufficient in our city. It’s much more important to me to preserve the trees, canopies, boulevards, current trails and current bike lanes. Also, not thrilled with the severe reduction in parking along Summit. How about we pave the rest of Summit and get the street freshened up that way and preserve and minimally enhance its natural beauty?"
Claire Kayser
"There are more appropriate places for such a bike trail that would not have as negative an impact on natural resources and historic preservation efforts."
Elizabeth Clay
"I oppose the construction of a bike path on Summit Ave."
Almira Downs
"Leave the street, parking, and particularly the Boulevard alone. It works just fine for everyone and it is very very pleasant to be around. Don’t screw it up."
Jim RutIck
"I oppose the cycle path proposed for Summit Avenue. We need another option: Save trees, save parking, slow traffic with narrower drive lanes, and create in-street, wider, high-visibility bike lanes."
Linda Bjorklund
"I find it horrendous that the city has such little regard for the historic and aesthetic nature of Grand/Crocus Hill, Summit Avenue. We do not want our neighborhood to look like Eagan, or what has happened to Uptown Minneapolis. This current administration has no regard for the thoughts or concerns of this neighborhood! Daniel Tesch"
Daniel Tesch
"I am opposed to eliminating parking on any side of Summit ave. I read that because of the amount of traffic on Summit a divided bike lane is needed for safety, the other option is to move to bike lane to a less busy street eliminating Summit ave. Residents on Summit from Lexington to Snelling Ave donated 20 feet of their property to create green space, please don’t mess this space up."
James Kennelly
"Summit Avenue is one of the key unique features of the history of St Paul and altering it would make the city more bland and generic. There also are plenty of bike lanes in the area so this doesn’t really serve any missing need."
Alex Hennen
"Residents need more time to evaluate the impact and details of such a major plan."
Jacqueline Reisenauer
"Summit Avenue is very special. Not only to me, but to the citizens of our city and state of Minnesota. I have taken the time to review the plans, and unfortunately I believe they will detract from the historic integrity and the beauty of one of the most important public amenities we have in the city. Summit Avenue is a gem, and let's keep it that way."
Montana Scheff
"I strongly oppose the Summit Avenue Regional Trail Master Plan. Please do not approve this plan."
Ryan Knoke