Alternate Solutions

Bike Trail Options

All plans start with the need to repair and maintain the road surface for the safety of both bikes and cars. These options target two diverse groups of cyclists.

Both options aim to improve cycling experience, preserve trees, increase safety and are less invasive to the historic character of Summit Avenue.

8 to 80 Cycling Group

Develop connections to Sam Morgan Regional Trail.

Two options:

  1. Little Bohemia Trail – Jefferson Ave – Ayd Mill
  2. Duke St – Jefferson Ave – Ayd Mill
  • Incorporates two existing, under-used trails into biking network
  • Provides extended segment of off-road, continuous protection trail
  • Bypasses high vehicle traffic section of Summit with the least ROW space
  • Connects to western end of Summit Ave with lower vehicle traffic levels

Commuter/Experienced/Alternative Transportation Cycling Group

  • Reduce the width of existing drive lanes to slow vehicle traffic
  • Use extra space to create buffers for on-street lanes
  • Employ new, proven safety techniques for striping and marking on-street bike lanes